WelcomeThe story behind Constant



Pol and Lis met each other 30 years ago at the Lier Scouts: a TOP TEAM, with the common thread within their entrepreneurial family being ‘daring to dream internationally’ – the SKY has NO limits.

In 1999 they started HTMS NV along with a splendid partner, a producer of High Technology Metal Seals with applications in extreme conditions, after which they built a professional network on a worldwide scale on tricky ground and niche markets such as Aerospace, Off-Shore, Oil and Gas industry and Nuclear fusion projects.

Their participation in Economic Missions abroad took them to exclusive locations.

‘INTERNATIONALISATION’ and ‘RESPECT for CULTURES’ continue to be the driving force behind their successful careers at a global level, with numerous awards to their credit.

Born and bred in Lier, they enjoy sharing their experience with other entrepreneurs who want to break through internationally. This is why they have transformed their historical building ‘t Schaeckberd, in the middle of the Grote Markt in Lier, into a Meeting and Coworking location.

They are happy to provide their guests with their international business expertise.

A beautiful building in the heart of Lier

From Medieval civilian home over brewery and city office to high-end Meeting and Cowork Centre.

Constant is located on a historically important site in Lier. Thanks to the conversion into a stylish meeting and conference center as well as coworking space, the building shines again in all its glory.

From civilian residence over prestigious brewery to city office. 6 Centuries of history and economic activity. The building – also known as “Het Schaeckberd” – was finally protected in 1939 as a monument with historical, artistic and archaeological value.

Today the building combines its wonderful individuality and style with the most modern technological gadgets and a peaceful design interior./p>

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